Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Beware Before you try! MINI Teacup Pigs do not Exist!

      You want to own a pig? Well look at this beauty I acquired from Fed in the last week.
Headbutt with mouth open!
Despite my recent injury, I wouldn't change Fred for anything he is a member of our family, that said pig are not for everyone.

      Are you still interested? Well hang on it is going to be a bumpy ride. The first step to becoming a crazy pig owner is to acquire one, but there are several important things you must first understand. Please take this advice to heart if not for your sanity then consider the health of the pig. The most important thing you need to research is your local zoning laws. We live in the county so it is not a factor but I am a member of several pig related groups on Facebook and there are plenty of posts by people looking to relocate their new family member because the law considers them farm animals not pets so they are not allowed inside the city limits. Which brings me to my next point vet care most vets will not take care of a pigs for the same reason listed above and you have to find one that specializes in large animals. Make sure there is one close to you because, despite what some bum on the side of the road tells you, pigs do need vet care, for one thing they need to be spade and or neutered as soon as they are big enough. Plus unless you have ears of steel and a very docile pig hoof trimming is not a option for the casual owner. Next thing I would highly recommend is go to a pig sanctuary in your area before even thinking about getting a pig. You may find pictures of piglets cute and adorable but trust me when I say pictures do not portray the size, power or,  attitude of an adult pig. I can not stress it enough that you must go and find out if this massive bundle of attention grubbing, rooting, wall eating, gate busting, starving, worse attitude then any brooding teenager, bulk of loveable fat is right for you. Know this fact right now before you read another word about the care of a pig, Mini pigs do not exist! If cared for properly they will grow bigger then most people can handle. For this reason alone owing a pig is not a good idea unless you have the space time and patience.

When we first got Fed he was less then 30 lbs and fit in the smallest carrier sold at Walmart.

First day home.
Latest photo!
He is now 301 lbs!

 Please concider zoning, vet care, size, attitude, time, space, entertainment, food, and other pets before getting a pig. A pig it is very hard to relocate after the fact and it is very stressful on the animal. I will leave you with these thoughts if you are still brave enough to continue tune in next time when I will talk about general care, discipline, training, and the differences between pigs and other domestic pets.

Despite my recent injury, I wouldn't change Fred for anything he is a member of our family and we are working very hard to make him happy.

FUN here are twelve signs someone crazy pig owner:

1. Acquire a pig even after watching Ester's documentary.
2. Keep it even after realizing it is nearly impossible to contain.
3. The fridridge now houses more vegetables than meat.
4. Make a mad dash to the local Tractor Supply once a month having to hold your breath until  they reaach the pig food aisle praying the mini pig brand is in stock.
5. Remodel home, lifestyle, and yard to keep the pig happy.
6. Insist on driving a half an hour away just to find a vet who will treat it like a pet not a farm animal.
7. Tell family and friends not to come around at first because they are unsure how it will interact with strangers.
8. Get up at eight in the morning to walk the pig, when they just told the dog it was too early.
9. All social media is now full of pig photos.
10. The yard now looks like it was hit by a meteor shower. 
11. Tell everyone that looks at you funny, when they find out about the pet pig that it is a wonderful pet despite just having cleaned up a huge mess.
12: Own at least two or more nonessential, pig related items like art, clothing, nicknacks, plush, or kitchen decor.


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  3. Great information. I have been thinking of getting a mini pig for some time now. The more I read the more unsure I am. I want everything to be right for the pig. Hence, I love reading true, fact based opinions like this...keep them coming :)

  4. Thank you for this honest article, this is all so true!! Having a pig is such a blessing for the RIGHT PEOPLE! Most people don't know, and RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH ANY pet before getting one ��. There is so much information for care requirements easily available for everyone!